Public Sector

Local and Regional Government

With austerity a constant challenge to local governments, risual has helped a huge number of local and regional government organisations transform their IT services to deliver state-of-the-art solutions and services to both staff and citizens.

With a focus on cloud technology as an enabler for service delivery, information sharing and end user computing, risual has the expertise and experience to make real change in local government.

Central Government

All our employees have been security cleared and have achieved ISO accreditation for information security and management. This is part of why risual is seen as a go-to partner for central government.

Our range of technology expertise coupled with experienced IT strategy consultants, means that we have delivered multiple solutions to various central government organisations.



As the NHS continues to face extreme pressure due to continuing budget cuts, many health trusts are turning to IT investments as a long-term solution to staff productivity and cost savings.

With solutions designed for primary and secondary healthcare, ranging from bespoke application development to telemedicine and information sharing. we are improving the health market with innovative technology.

Public Safety and National Security

As a finalist for the Global Public Safety and National Security Partner award, we are proven to be one of the most capable and innovative partners in this sector. We have developed new solutions for the sector, including our nimos suite. Our services have helped deliver consulting on productivity, information sharing and cloud technology.

As such, we are a proven ‘safe pair of hands’ for any technology requirement for organisations working within public safety and national security.


Students use devices and technology every day in their personal lives and expect their education to be provided to the same standard. Following the launch of our risual Education apprenticeship scheme, we have direct experience of working as a training provider and also have the technology expertise to deliver comprehensive transformational solutions. 

Our customers include top-rated universities and colleges across the UK.


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