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This is a customisable facilities and equipment management system for meeting rooms. Integrating with Outlook, it enables users to book catering or facilities for the room after arranging the meeting. The system can be deployed as a simple Outlook and SharePoint add on, or expanded into a full integrated tablet and mobile device application to provide room booking through the app.


This enables businesses to share intelligence based on points of interest throughout the world on an interactive map. This can be used in countless ways to enable employees, customers or the general public to access real-time data on an areas safety, accessibility and more. Places365 enables any organisation to quickly and efficiently set up a geo-location tagging based mobile application.


This is a simple, easy to use case management system on desktop, tablet or mobile. Deployed as an app working with Dynamics CRM or SharePoint, it enables organisations to get better insight and reporting on workflows and replace legacy email or phone call reporting systems.


This is a simple way to ensure branding consistency, and protect against spoofing. Any internal or external URL can be given a custom branded vanity URL. Only approved users can create links, and deep clickthrough analysis enables organisations to better understand who is interacting with their communications. Admins can retrospectively amend link destinations to ensure no interruption to end users when services or links need to be migrated.

About minerva365

minerva365 is a set of customisable solutions which improve working processes. Each solution provides a framework to help make the most of existing Microsoft technologies by creating innovative new apps. Whether it be to improve back office processes, or help mobile workers get more from their time out the office, minerva365 can make a difference to the ways of working in your organisation. Each solution is customisable, simple and cost effective.






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