Managed Services

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  • ITSM Consultancy
  • ISO20000/IEC Gap Analysis
  • Change Management


  • IT Consumption Reporting
  • Patching and Updating
  • Capacity Management



  • SQL DBA Services
  • Backup and Migrations
  • Monitoring and Delivery Reporting


  • 'Pay As You Go' or Scalable Contract
  • Bolt On Services
  • Custom Reporting


  • Identity and Access Alerts
  • Patching and Updating
  • Security Certified Staff and Processes

Cloud Adoption

  • Azure and Office 365 Optimisation
  • Managed Environments and Templates
  • Floorwalking and On Site Support

Code as a Service

  • Cross Platform Development
  • DevOps Methodology
  • Managed Delivery

Break Fix

  • Certified experts
  • 24/7 Service
  • Incident management service

Capable, flexible, proactive Managed Services.

Get more from your staff, technology and investments with risual Managed Services

ITIL Compliant
99% of cases closed within SLA
ISO 20000 Certified
Rated 'Above Expectations' by our customers
All staff SC Cleared
24/7 Service
All staff trained to MCSE

Service Delivery Management

A dedicated point of contact to ensure your first-class service

Service Desk

Friendly, knowledgeable first line support

Incident Management

A team of experts who live to fix quickly and efficiently

Core Services

Proactive services to improve reliability and efficiency of your IT environment.

Why rMS

risual provide 24/7 support and security to clients ranging from global business through to the UK Public Sector. Our successful, Security Cleared and ISO 20000-1 accredited team provide a wide range of services to add value to your IT department. We offer a bespoke, flexible managed service agreement to suit your needs, scalable to cope with workloads and covering multiple technologies. Whether you have a focus on adopting the cloud, proactively monitoring your estate or improving your ITIL and business processes, we can help.

Our services can be broken down into the following areas:

  • Flexible Options
  • Business Services
  • Service Optimisation
  • Break Fixes
  • Security
  • Cloud Adoption
  • Proactive Management
  • Code as a Service


Case Study

Bond Dickinson - Flexible Options

Change of Business Needs

As one of the UK’s leading Law Firms, Bond Dickinson needed constant access to their critical IT systems to maintain high levels of service to both clients and internal customers. As the company’s environment continues to grow, a need for a swift resolution to any IT issues was identified as key to ensuring they were responsive to client and internal needs. Bond Dickinson have a highly skilled, dedicated IT team, they recognised that they would benefit from trusted partner risual to work alongside them to provide a scalable Managed Service.
Due to the nature of their business, Bond Dickinson need to ensure the constant availability of critical applications. risual provide the highest level of expertise, available when needed at crucial times. risual and Bond Dickinson have a “open and honest long standing relationship, built on excellent engagements, delivered through their technical consulting team” as described by Andrew White, IT Infrastructure Manager. This meant risual were already aware of the business requirements and existing technology deployments. Years of working together in this manner mean Bond Dickinson trust risual as a strategic partner to support and maintain their complex IT systems.

Bespoke Managed Services Services Partnership

Due to the nature of the business and demands on their own internal IT team, risual and Bond Dickinson were able to create a bespoke service which delivered precisely what Bond Dickinson required. Based on a flexible contract, this allows Bond Dickinson to call on risual as and when they require additional services – along with 24×7 proactive monitoring of systems.
This unique agreement means that Bond Dickinson are not tied into a long term costly contract which defines the exact scope of work, instead the flexibility of the contract allows Bond Dickinson to get the maximum value from their agreement. As stated by Andy White of Bond Dickinson “it’s the assurance that we have an external level of support that we can escalate to as and when we need it.”
The managed services team within risual monitor Bond Dickinson’s systems, allowing them to proactively provide additional support when required, identify any problems or issues within the monitored environment and have a solution ready to implement when needed


As a result of the managed services agreement between Bond Dickinson and risual, they have seen the following-

  • Bond Dickinson’s own IT team are not stretched or under resourced, they can also focus on more strategic projects due to the knowledge they have additional strength in depth when required
  • Support the reduction in the operational cost of IT by providing business as usual tasks as a service
  • Peace of mind- with risual’s flexible service agreement, we are able to provide a quick fix on any issues, regardless of the severity or technology involved – meaning improved response, flexibility and agility focused on providing value to the customer.
  • A strong strategic relationship, capable of providing hands on project support within a defined scope
Gallowglass - Knowledge and Collaboration

The problem
The Gallowglass Group has led the way in the development of professional recognised standards in the events and entertainment industries, since its launch 17 years ago. The business has expanded to encompass five companies, transforming the way that large events are managed. Following the delivery of their new IT infrastructure, Windows Server 2012, coupled with the Microsoft System Center Suite (VMM 2012 SP1), Gallowglass recognised that their small IT team would benefit from the ongoing support of the experience and knowledge that risual had already demonstrated within the implementation programme. Although the Gallowglass IT team was familiar with the legacy systems, the new infrastructure needed additional support not just for troubleshooting and user maintenance, but on a more proactive basis.

The benefits

In the six months following the start of the Premium Support Agreement, Gallowglass seen the following:

  • Value for Money; Gallowglass have a reactive and proactive support solution without having to incur costs to recruit in-house expertise
  • Improved efficiency; The proactive nature of the solution has meant less downtime and disruption from the new infrastructure. It has also enabled the internal IT resource to bounce ideas off subject matter experts
  • Increased knowledge; Proactive monitoring has enabled support response and alerting. The analysis and management information enables them to identify improved efficiencies, potential areas for further improvement and preventative measures

Case Notes

Azure Optimisation with Managed Services

Azure Optimisation

risual Managed Services team have recognised an opportunity to enhance the information that is currently available via the Enterprise Agreement Azure Management portal. This will allow customers greater control in managing consumption and cost within Azure, by using PowerBI to provide real time and future predictive costs.

This was initially developed as an internal solution to help risual understand our own costs and consumption. We soon realised the power of the information that was being collated that allowed us to make changes within our Azure environment to ensure that we were getting best value from our subscription. As such risual has developed an Azure Optimisation Solution which we can offer to customers to apply the level of governance that is needed to drive further adoption.

The Azure Optimisation Solution provides a level of governance to monitor all resources in Azure to provide true costs and consumption. In addition, using PowerBI, the service will allow customers the ability to see their detailed costs which can be aligned to business needs and the ability to understand cost of service across departments. risual Managed Services will work collaboratively with customers to monitor trends over a period of time to understand when to scale up and scale down appropriately and understand how they are using the Cloud to its full advantage and ultimately predictive analysis of data.

Breakdown of solution.

Azure Optimisation solution consists of the following services:

  • Azure Optimisation reporting & dashboard pack - Reports will be set up and run regularly to detail increases & decreases in Azure costs. Bespoke PowerBI Dashboard to be created to show Azure costs by resources, change monitoring and charge-back functionality using tags.
  • Azure Optimisation review - Ongoing review of costs and resources in line with new products and value analysis to achieve an optimum balance of resource and cost.
  • Azure Optimisation implementation - Working collaboratively with the customer, risual will implement agreed recommendations and review results.
Cloud Support

To assist our customers with the complexity of Azure, risual Managed Services can provide certified experts to deal with the management and administration of your Azure platform. Our Azure tenant management services will deliver a 24 x 7 response and resolution ensuring that your environments are monitored, managed and under control. This layer of support will assist in reducing risk, increasing performance and provide you with a cost effective service to ensure that you are making the most out of your Azure investment.

A fundamental element of the Azure support service is our security advisory services. As part of the service we will present security reports and recommendations for discussion with our customers. The scope of this will include alert management, AD assessment, change tracking, Azure network, Azure Active Directory audit and risk logs, Azure AD Identity Protection (if licences are available via our customers existing agreement), Advanced and network performance monitor.

rMS can bring to the table the latest security features available on the Azure cloud based layer. Features such as Multifactor Authentication (MFA), common identity framework and privileged access are designed with the focus of maintaining integrity with uncompromising usability. Advanced threat analytics is a great feature which can be used in conjunction with the new Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution and Azure Log integration to provide a unified dashboard for all our customers assets, on-premises or in the cloud, making it easy to aggregate, correlate, analyse, and alert for security events. rMS have great experience with the Operations Management Suite (OMS) offering and can work collaboratively with our customers to get the best use out of the many dashboards offered from update compliancy to Antimalware assessments.


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