Connected Business

Why deploy Connected Business?

Data Insight

Using tools to see business critical data


Enhance the workforce with tools such as Power BI, to see the business from a bird’s eye view. Critical information about the business can be shown at the click of a button, encouraging regular review and growth. This can lend itself to improving customer responsiveness.

A Clear View

Bespoke reports at your disposal


See all the facts and figures around the business in one view. risual’s Connected Business solution places all the important business information in the hands of employees, driving up the productivity of the business in the process.


Ensuring barriers and issues are identified quickly


With the power of useful, accurate and real time data, issues can be resolved quickly and efficiently, limiting any disruption to the business. Increased efficiency can then help to drive increased revenue.

Connected Business Solution

Modern organisations generate, store, and manage huge amounts of data every day. Accessing the right data can sometimes be difficult, so providing the right people with the correct type of access - in terms of security and device - can speed up both decision-making and business processes. This then, in turn, helps to improve the organisations customer service.

By freeing up the barriers to how people can work and access data, you make them more productive, which can increase revenue and drive efficiencies. Once businesses can provide agile ways to exploit data to the right people at the right time, new ways of working can be exploited and new services can be developed.

Our Connected Business solution shows that these issues can be resolved when an overarching strategy is employed to connect systems and make them work together effectively. This has a positive impact on decision making and on the outcomes of the organisation.

Our nimos suite is developed using Connected Business methodologies and can transform public sector organisations. Our akin platform is also built using Connected Business methodologies and is transforming the way retailers interact with customers. By leveraging data and insight, it can transform the experience of customers, users and managers all with one solution.

Case Study

why: Having hit some of the limitations of the desktop-based Power BI tools, a large council are looking to implement a data warehouse that will support their business planning, data management, performance and insight support functions.

how: Using Azure Infrastructure, Azure Database and Azure Data Warehouse alongside PowerBI, risual could provide a scalable solution to automatically extract, transform and load data from both internal and internet sources. Excel based storage of data was replaced with an enterprise scale data warehouse, which will be flexible to adapt to the changing needs of the council.

  • Testimonial
    risual and Microsoft gave us a holistic technology solution through their engagement process with us and were able to offer a combination of products to meet our short term and future objectives, achieving our ultimate agile workforce.
    Mario DevargasCIO, Greater Manchester Police
  • Testimonial
    Following the implementation of one of the biggest IT transformations, delivered by risual, that the business has seen, I realised that the new infrastructure would benefit from both a reactive and proactive service solution. risual had already demonstrated their expertise and knowledge of the system and they were a natural partner for us as an ongoing support service provider.
    Darren ThorleyHead of IT
  • Testimonial
    risual’s premium support package is perfect for meeting our exacting needs. My team looks after the 2nd and 3rd line support for all LAN, WAN, Telecoms and Server Infrastructure, so it is great to know that we have risual supporting us as experts in the Lync solution.
    Karen CharltonCorporate Centre IT Infrastructure Services Team Leader
  • Testimonial
    “We’re transforming the IT department with enhanced capability, capacity and professionalism to support the delivery of best-in-class citizen services by Essex County Council.”
    David WildeChief Information Officer, Essex County Council
  • Testimonial
    We didn’t consider any other partner than risual for this engagement after their successful Lync design session. We needed a quick improvement on our existing solution. Through their engagement process with us, we were able to assess a combination of products and decided Espera would help us better monitor and manage our calls, helping us provide a better service and increase productivity.
    Paul SpeakmanIT Director, Travel Counsellors
  • Testimonial
    People are getting to grips with instant messaging and presence and the rewards are being reaped already, we will save thousands and thousands of pounds in call costs. We will get more productivity from our workforce and the solution allows us to work a lot slicker.
    Gavin HarrisHead of ICT, Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service
  • Testimonial
    We were really impressed with risual and importantly by what Paul Smith said about how they work together in the close partnership that they have created. We were looking to work in a collaborative way with a supplier who has exceptional technological skills and for us to thereby learn the best practices that risual have experience in implementing.
    Vic Falcus Head of ICT Service Management, Staffordshire County Council
  • Testimonial
    “We wanted to engage with a supplier that could also demonstrate a controlled methodology throughout the project management process. We’ve been really impressed with the excellent support that risual have provided.”
    Jason McCullaghSystems Manager, Muir Group
  • Testimonial
    We looked at options, and it became clear that Microsoft and risual, with Office 365, Shared that same vision of a productive and flexible work environment. They had the global reach and the supporting systems to achieve what we wanted.
    Ian TurfreyDirector of IT, City & Guilds
  • Testimonial
    Skype for Business enables staff to work flexibly, communicate digitally and collaborate smartly. Our staff love it. Even better it is helping Camden save over £5M a year by 2018 from its accommodation strategy.
    John JacksonAssistant Director ICT, Camden Council

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