New Features For IT Admins in Microsoft Teams!

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Microsoft announced in April a new admin centre for Teams/Skype for Business to allow admins a singular place to manage the service all in one place.

Easy access to the admin centre

As new features are being brought into the admin centre the new portal will now become the main location to manage both Teams and Skype for Business. To make it easier Microsoft have made the Teams admin centre accessible via the Office 365 Admin Centre. Some functions have yet to be moved to the new admin centre however are still available in the Skype for Business admin centre.

Better statistics for call and meeting quality

The call quality dashboard is now fully integrated into the new admin centre to provide a quick view on call/meeting quality for Microsoft Teams  and Skype for Business. These analytics help IT administrators troubleshoot call and connection problems with Teams and Skype for Business. This is done by showing detailed information about devices used, networks and connectivity for calls and meetings of all users in the organisation. Once a specific call is selected administrators can view the following details:

  • An overview of the devices, clients and network connectivity for the media session.
  • An advanced view with details about the media stack and  network including packet loss.
  • A debug view for troubleshooting which includes every metric that was captured about the session.

Manage policies for messaging, meeting, calling and guest access to the Admin centre via PowerShell

Microsoft are now allowing policies to be administered to individual users through PowerShell or in the Teams/Skype Business Admin Centre.

User level policies available:

  • TeamsMessagingPolicy
  • TeamsMeetingPolicy
  • TeamsCallingPolicy

Tennant/organisation level settings available

  • TeamsMeetingConfiguration
  • TeamsGuestMessagingConfiguration
  • TeamsGuestMeetingConfiguration
  • TeamsGuestCallingConfiguration


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