Are you thinking about what your next step to take is after your GCSE’s? We understand how difficult it can be to decide what your first step after high school is – so many options to consider, so many different routes and paths that you can take. We’re here to make sure you fully understand at least one option that you can take.

Sometimes when you finish high school, apprenticeships are given a miss – this isn’t because of any particular reason at all, it’s mainly the fact that there is so much going on and most people jump straight to continuing their education at school with A-Levels to get themselves on an amazing course at a University of their choice.

The great thing about apprenticeships is experience, the opportunity to earn while you learn, apprenticeships are practical and hands on, and you can still gain relevant qualifications – this list goes on.

  1. Experience 
    Apprenticeships provide you the opportunity to work directly with your selected organisation, gaining the right training by your colleagues, manager, and training provider. You will have the relevant support and gain the right experience by working on the job every, alongside undertaking additional training one day a week in college.
  2. Earn while you learn 
    Are you money motivated? Why not kick start your first step into your career by taking further education but also earning a monthly salary.
  3. Hands on and practical learning  
    Working straight into the job means that you can get your hands immediately into the real work. If you are much more of a hands-on learner, apprenticeships are great – you can get yourself stuck straight in, working directly into the industry and learn as you make mistakes, and accomplish wonderful things.
  4. Qualifications  
    Another rewarding thing about apprenticeships is that you don’t need to be in college or University to undergo exams and gain qualifications. risual offer many courses for you to take part in, all relevant to the industry, organisation and Microsoft.
  5. Kick start your career early  
    Imagine getting a full-time contract job at the business you have been dreaming to work at?! Well, with an apprenticeship it’s simply allowing you to get a step closer and faster. Apprenticeships allow you to get yourself on the career ladder, and constantly push you to do more and strive more.


Become a fully qualified valued member of your chosen organisation with a risual apprenticeship. Get in touch with us today to find out more about the apprenticeship programme and what we can offer you. 01785 226444