Its now easy to migrate your files to One Drive using Known Folder Move!

Customers have been asking for a simple way to be able to move all their data to OneDrive which Microsoft are now testing, they are calling this new feature ‘Known Folder Move’. Known folders are pointers in Windows that represent a location on the user’s drive. They help users to organise their most important files and access them between different applications. The idea behind this is that user content is automatically synced to OneDrive with no disruptions. In the meantime KFM moves content into OneDrive so its always synced to the cloud and protected from all the users devices.

For IT Admins they can deploy a group policy to users in their organisations to encourage the use of KFM. Eligible end users can also get to the KFM experience if they click on one of the KFM notifications or in the OneDrive settings > AutoSave > Update folders. The KFM experience launches and does a brief scan for unsupported files. The scan will then show supported files and then the user will have the option to move all of their folders to OneDrive. This feature however can be disabled by administrators.

There is also a feature to silently move Windows known folders such as Documents, Picture and desktop folders into OneDrive without user interaction. The policy works when all known folders are empty, and on folders redirected to a different OneDrive account. Microsoft would recommend using this together with the ‘prompt users to move Windows known folders to OneDrive’ policy. When this policy is enabled future releases will no longer check for empty known folders. Instead of this, known folders will be redirected and content within them will be moved.