Exploring the challenges of Power BI

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Many organisations recognise the benefits of Business Intelligence but may not be maximising the potential of the data held in their systems and elsewhere. Organisations are generating more and more data with increasing volume, velocity and variety. The challenge is turning this data into information that will provide insight and inform and support tactical and strategic business decision making.


The challenges:

  • Business data remains locked and unexploited in LoB systems.
  • Existing reporting processes are non-existent, manual, slow and error prone.
  • Data insight is a cottage industry within the business with little governance.
  • The clamour of end-users for access to business data together with IT’s inability to satisfy the need may lead to inconsistencies that adversely affect a business.
  • Executives struggle with timely access to the data and information they need in order to support business decision making.


The solution

With extensive knowledge and experience in delivering Business Intelligence and Analytics projects, risual’s Business Productivity practice work to understand our customers’ requirements and deliver analytical solutions based on Microsoft Power BI and Azure technology.  risual’s Business Productivity practice can help your organisation achieve a strong data culture, starting with a design and planning engagement, which includes:

  • Power BI Dashboards – gain real-time insights through a picture of performance in your organisation showing Key Performance Indicators, metrics and trends
  • Power BI Reports – drill down from dashboards to reports to explore the underlying data in more detail and gain deeper insights
  • Self-service BI – empower users across the organisation to extract data, perform data mashups and build their own dashboards and reports using Power BI Desktop and share them in Power BI online
  • Data Discovery – publish searchable standard data sets to power users in your organisation for further analysis in Excel
  • Power Q&A – ask questions of your data in natural language (e.g. “What were last year’s sales by department?”) and receive interactive visualisations as the answer
  • Power BI Mobile – keep on top of how things are performing no matter where you are with touch-enabled native apps for Windows, iOS and Android
  • Power of the Cloud – leverage Power BI and Azure services to resolve performance and capacity issues suffered by on-premises solutions
  • Integration – Excel, on-premises databases, cloud applications, no matter where your data lives or what form it is in Power BI has the tools to extract
  • Collaboration – enable users to work together to create and share dashboards
  • Business Requirements Analysis – Defining the key business processes and performance indicators that align with tactical and strategic business objectives
  • Design – By identifying requirements, sharing best practice and building on previous experience, a solution will be defined, and documented in high level and low level designs
  • Incremental Delivery – Providing a tangible solution, as part of the design process, ensures design are fully understood, and amendments and updates are addressed early in the project lifecycle



View the datasheet here.

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