Whilst installing an Azure SQL Server Availability group for System Centre Operations Manager 2012 I ran into an error in the SCOM Installer that Indicated that the Installer could not connect to the SQL Server.

Whilst performing a SQL Server trace it became apparent that the SCOM Service account was connecting to the SQL Server Instance without Issues.

Digging through the SCOM Installer Logs indicated that the error was due to not being able to connect to the server hosting the SQL Server instance via RPC.

So, it looks as though the SCOM installer checks the SQL Server OS setting for some reason.

The configuration of the Azure internal load balancer was as follows:

Health Probes

Item Protocol Port Description
Probe Port TCP 59999 SQL Server cluster probe to check the node that is currently hosting the Availability Group

Load Balancing Rule (Availability Group)

Item Protocol Port Backend port Floating IP Description
SQL Server Port TCP 1500 1500 Enabled Connection to the SQL Server Availability Group Listener

Further investigation revealed that the SCOM server was trying to connect to the servers using RPC on TCP port 135

Load Balancing Rule (RPC)

Item Protocol Port Backend port Floating IP Description
RPC Port TCP 135 135 Enabled Connection to the Host Server

This resolved the issue and the SCOM installation continued successfully