Apologies for the crude and rushed post, but I just wanted to give a quick highlight of the recent Yammer UI updates. Generally, it looks flatter and some minor colour tweaks, but some features have been re-located too. If you can’t find one and I haven’t listed it below, drop me a comment and I’ll update the list.

  • The Home button icon has been changed to a house (previously the Yammer icon) and the “Home” text removed
  • The Inbox button icon has been updated and the “Inbox” text removed
  • The Alert button has been updated
  • The Home, Inbox, and Alert buttons have been moved into a new “side nav” bar
  • The Search box has moved to the new “side nav” bar
  • Your profile picture (and link) has moved to the bottom of the new “side nav”
  • Invite now appears under ellipsis menu beside the Home, Inbox, and Alert buttons at the top of the new “side nav” bar
  • Networks, Settings, and Help  are now accessible via the new cog menu beside your profile picture
  • The “Notify Specific People” box has been removed – assuming in favour of using the @mention within the post itself

Here’s a rough comparison of what the Yammer homepage looked like before, and after:

Yammer UI Updates