Clarity Connect Reports are not displaying latest results

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When generating a Clarity report through the portal you may notice that you are unable to view the logs from a certain date to the present date as shown below.


The date that should be displayed here is 20/10/2014.

If you were to check the logs on the application server for Clarity Connect you will notice that during the update for these reports, which is run daily, has timed out on a connection.

Luckily we are able to modify this value to allow the connection to last longer to the SQL DB so that it may retrieve the correct information and update the reports.


To do this we firstly need to log on to the application server and then navigate to the install location of Clarity Connect in this case it is “C:Program FilesClarity ConsultingClarity ConnectETL”

From here we will need to copy the file named “Clarity.Connect.ETL.Console.exe.config” and paste it in another location so that we may edit the file, to open the file we will use notepad.

Within this file you will see a Tag named <connectionStrings> at the end of these tags you will need to add or amend the following item so that it changes the timeout, the Parameter we need to add is “Connection Timeout=3000” where the number represents milliseconds, it may also be worth while noting that you may need to increase this time a lot! As shown in the below screen shot, this config file currently has the timeout set to 60 seconds (60000).



If you run the task manually for Clarity Connect within the Task Scheduler you will be able to then test whether or not you can view the latest report, if youre not comfortable running the task then you can wait 24 hours and then the task would have been run automatically!


Dewi Jones

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