Hi Everyone,

Just a quick post today about something i experienced when attempting a re-install of the System Center Service Manager 2012 portal.

As  a lot of you are aware, the SCSM 2012 self-service portal is built upon SharePoint 2010, and can also be integrated into the free SharePoint Foundation 2012 product.

As the customer in question wanted a clean install of both the SCSM 2012 and SharePoint components, an uninstall was required. However, try as i might, the SharePoint 2010 Foundation uninstall failed time and time again with seemingly no valid explanation.

As it turns out, the answer to this issue is simple. There is apparently a known issue that, when there are other 32-bit office binaries installed on the same server as SharePoint 2010 Foundation 64-bit, an uninstall of this type will fail due to the presence of the 32-bit binaries. In my instance this was because someone had also installed the 32-bit version of the SharePoint Designer software.

After uninstalling any 32-Bit Office binaries, the SharePoint uninstaller completed with no issues.

Till next time