Virtual Machine Shows as Offline in Failover Cluster Manager and Disappears from all Hyper-v Hosts in a Failover Cluster

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We had an issue recently where we had to power down all Hyper-v hosts. When the time came to power all Hyper-v Hosts back up , everything powered on ok except for one Virtual Machine.

I could see the virtual machine under services and applications , however the Virtual Machine configuration and Virtual machine were offline and could not be started with the following error “Cluster resource ‘Virtual Machine Configuration Test’ in clustered service or application ‘Test’ failed”

If i went to the Hyper-v Host that the VM should be on in Hyper-V Manager the VM was no where to be seen.

I did some deeper troubleshooting and found that when i tried to bring the Virtual Machine Configuration the below error appeared in the Hyper-v host that holds the vanished VM.

Cannot load a virtual machine configuration because it is corrupt. (Virtual machine ID 1D15B94B-4039-460C-A869-6792D910B74C) Delete the virtual machine configuration file (.XML file) amd recreate the virtual machine.

We didn’t really want to create the VM , so we looked into a bit more and found the resolution



  1. Open the Configuration file of the VM in notepad (Normally will be Virtual Machine NameVirtual Machines{Guid}.xml)
  2. Go to the very bottom line of the configuration file
  3. At the bottom of the xml you should see the following “</configuration>>”
  4. What you need to do is remove one of the > so that it now reads “</configuration>”
  5. Save the xml file, bring the VM Configuration and VM online and you should get no errors
  6. VM Re-appears in Hyper-v Manager on the Host

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