While configuring Unified Messaging for Lync users I came across the follow error:


The voicemail files could be found at C:Program FilesMicrosoftExchange ServerUnifiedMessagingvoicemail however they were not visible in the user’s mailbox or their Lync client.

The error indicates that the Hub Transport Role cannot be contacted however, in this case there was one Exchange Server with the UM role and Hub Transport Role are collocated on the same server. After ensuring that there were no issues with the certificate, and the dial plan had been configured correctly I found that the problem was related to Receive Connectors.

An anonymous receive connector with the Exchange Server specified under remote IPs did not have the correct permissions configured to process the voicemails. This connector was taking precedence over the Default Connector.


Create a new receive connector for UM or ensure the receive connector processing voicemails has the following permissions:

  • Anonymous Users
  • Exchange Users
  • Exchange Servers