I’ve run into this each time I’ve done a 2012 upgrade in Operations Manager, after the upgrade any resetting of the health state logs the following message in the Task Status View.

Task Failure

A module reported and error 0x80070490 from a callback which was running as part of rule “System.Health.ResetState”

Error Code:  –2130771918 (Unknown error (0x80ff0032)).

To fix this run the following command on the Operations Manager command console.


In the ID column copy the long GUID

next start a query and run the following command

SELECT * FROM MT_ManagementGroup

In the 6th column across starting id_xxxxxxxx_ should be the GUID that the above PowerShell command returns, copy this, run the following command. Make a complete Operations Manager database backup first!

update __MOMManagementGroupInfo__ set ManagementGroupId = ‘<GUID>’

Restart the System Center Data Access service and test resetting a health state, all should now be working.


John Riseam

System Center Consultant