Server 8 Hyper-V and Vyatta

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Hi there,

Whilst re-building my lab on Server 8 Beta I came across an issue with running Vyatta which I use as a software router/firewall.

I attached the network cards as synthetic NICs and upon boot received the following error;

Spurious ACK on isa0060/serio0. Some program migh be trying to access hardware directly.

This error hangs the machine and you have to end the task to regain control.

After attempting to turn off all the advanced features of the card, e.g. SR-IOV and VMQ I was still having no luck. As a final attempt I selected the NIC and disconnected it from a vSwitch leaving it ‘Not Connected’, and booted the machine. It worked! I then reconnected the network once the router had booted and I could configure and routing worked as usual 🙂

This is only suitable in a LAB environment and would not be a solution if you were attempting to use this in production as if for any reason the router rebooted it would hang on reload. Additionally, I have not done anything in the way of performance testing as I assume the reason for the initial error is driver related.


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