We had an issue recently when trying to access an external FTP site. We tried to open the FTP website via Windows Explorer, we typed our credentials in and we got the following error.


The part we are interested in is the “502 Active FTP not allowed” , this is due to the fact that Active FTP is automatically disabled via TMG.

To allow Active FTP in TMG do the Following

  1. Open The TMG Management Console
  2. Press System and go to the Application Filters tab
  3. Right click the FTP Access Filter and press properties
  4. Go to the FTP properties tab and select the tick box “Allow active FTP access”


Also do the following on the access rule you created to allow FTP access

  1. Right click access rule and choose Configure FTP
  2. Uncheck Read Only


You will now be able to access the FTP site Smile