You marked "RoomMailboxName" as a resource. You cannot schedule a meeting with "RoomMailboxName" because you do not have the appropriate permissions for that account. Either enter the name as a required or optional attendee or talk to your administrator about giving you permission to schedule "RoomMailboxName".

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You receive the following error when creating a meeting request for a Room Mailbox using Exchange 2010:


I confirmed that all permissions were correct and compared the settings against another Room Mailbox that was working correctly.


  1. Create an Outlook Profile for the Room Mailbox that is experiencing issues
  2. Launch Outlook with the newly created profile
  3. Open Resource Scheduling (File > Options > Calendar > Resource Scheduling)
  4. Ensure that the following options are NOT selected:
    • Automatically accept meeting requests and process cancellations
    • Automatically decline conflicting meeting requests
    • Automatically decline recurring meeting requests

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