Want to implement AD RMS but already have file servers full of unprotected content? No problem! With the AD RMS bulk protection tool and File Classification Infrastructure this can be achieved. In FCI we can create classifications based on business impact (based on Key words e.g. private, or regular expressions such as National Insurance numbers etc) and have RMS templates applied to classifications as we see fit, oh the power! * This can also continue to apply to additional files uploaded to the file servers each time the File Server Resource Manager rules and file management tasks run (which can run on a schedule) You can also using FCI set a flag to apply to files that have been encrypted with a time stamp and can configure it to send an email to the owner of the file which has been encrypted.

Have SharePoint libraries? Again no problem these can be configured to apply protection based on the NTFS permissions on download from the library, it’s all covered! Automation is the new buzz word within RMS and it continues with Exchange 2010’s automatic protection of emails using transport rules to apply pre-defined templates based on email content or recipients.

*Note – By default only the Microsoft Office suite and xps viewer file extensions can be RMS protected, however IRM’s can be downloaded for hundreds of other file types so nearly all file extensions can benefit from RMS protection!

To RMS or not to RMS? I think the former :)