Importing PST into Users Mailboxes Issue with Exchange 2010

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We came across an issue recently in Exchange 2010 where i needed to import a user PST into there mailbox, however when we tried to run the command from the Exchange Shell to do this it just came up with the following error code.


Import-mailbox –identity Test –PstFolderPath C:PSTS

Error Code

Error occurred in the step: Approving object

An unknown error had occurred., error code: -2147221219


 Basically our issue was that there was no HOMEMDB attribute set for the System Attendant on each Exchange server.


1, Open ADSIEDIT and connect to the configuration partition


2, Now we need to drill down into the AD database, expand configuration.

3, Expand CN=Services and then expand CN=Microsoft Exchange and CN=<Domain name>

4, Expand CN=Administrative Groups and then Exchange Administrative Group(FYDIBOHF23SPDLT)

5,Expand CN=Servers and mailbox server you are trying to import on.

6, Now right click CN=Microsoft System Attendant choose properties and check for the homeMDB Value


7, If the Value is set to <not set> here lies our problem.

8, To Find the value to add into the MDB attribute , simply press CN=Databases which is just above the CN=Servers you located to.


9, Now if you choose any storage group and press properties and then view and copy the value for Distinguished name for this storage group



10, Now place the value you just copied into the HomeMDB attribute  to overwrite the not set value and apply this.

11, Give the domain some time to replicate this change and then restart the mailbox servers Information Service

12, You should now be able to import PST’s into the users mailboxes

13, It would be a good idea to add the distinguished name value you copied into every mailbox servers HOMEMDB attribute.


Hope this Helps You Out 🙂

Daniel Davies

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