Exchange 2010 FSW on non Exchange servers

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Just found this gem of information on Anderson Patricio’s blog, something which stumped me when setting up some 2010 HA demo’s. 

Exchange 2010 allows you to create a highly available implementation with just two servers (excluding edge), you can combine mailbox, hub and client access on one box, do this twice & use a DAG to replicate the databases & you have highly available Exchange (you can use Forefront TMG to load balance). 

The Exchange 2010 DAG functionality replaces the CCR / SCR technology in Exchange 2007, like CCR DAG requires a file share witness to prevent split brain syndrome.  Typically in Exchange 2007 you would place this on a Hub transport server (having manually created the share & permissions), Exchange 2010 has a wizard to create the FSW on a remote server for you which is handy, however as I found out when I tried to use it against a non Exchange server it didn’t work, I manually created the FSW – putting it down to a Beta / RC bug, however it would appear that you need to add the Exchange Trusted Subsystem group to the local administrators group on the target server to allow the FSW wizard to work.


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